Rescue the Poor Cat Trapped in the Old Trap!

When the charming pet named Bella returned home, her family was dumbfounded: the cat was lying under a bush, looking at the owners with unhappy eyes. On her paw dangled … a trap into which the baby accidentally fell. He was a model of 1950 but made to last, and little Bella became his prisoner!

Apparently, the cat enjoys walking, so she went outside the house and unwittingly put herself in danger. Back the baby returned already crawling, dragging the trap behind her. Frightened and pathetic, she was found in the yard by a landlady named Georgia Morris. The girl was shocked by what she saw and immediately took Bella to the vet.

The doctor said that the pet would have to be treated, but the worst thing is that her sick paw can be amputated! “The cat will have to stay at home all week, and she will likely lose her paw if the blood supply is not restored to her. We hope it doesn’t come to that! Georgia has no doubts that the traps are set deliberately – to ward off pets from birds.

According to the girl, the road near which she lives is notorious: four domestic cats, including one of her pets, have gone missing here. What’s more, Georgia’s cat has suffered twice from the actions of heartless people. Every year, a huge number of dogs and cats fall into traps set for wild animals. Many of them are seriously injured.

Dien Tran

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