Everyone Opened The Box And Was Shocked To Find Out What Was In The Box!

On April 26, the Novosibirsk-Sokur train set off as always – strictly on schedule. After a while, the vigilant controller noticed a strange box under one of the seats.

Her owner was not found in the car. Frightened people immediately reported a strange find about this to the driver, and he – to the police.

The train was stopped at Novosibirsk-Yuzhny station at 13.55. 166 people – were evacuated, transferred to another train, and the train was driven onto sidings.

Arriving employees of the transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the FSO with a dog and the Ministry of Emergency Situations opened this box and found … 4 small kittens!

All this was recorded by the present driver on his phone.

The kittens have already been transferred to the Novosibirsk Center for Pet Problems, where families are looking for them.

And the person who disrupted the electric train schedule is being searched for on the records of CCTV cameras.

He will have to pay for the costs of the railroad and the operation of the services. Calculating your actions one step ahead for some is an impossible task. Surely the owner of the box thought that the passengers would quickly find and disassemble the kittens. And how it turned out.


Dien Tran

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