These Poor Cats Need To Be Saved, Rescue The Wild Cat In The Cold Snow

It has been suggested that saving homeless animals and raising them is the exclusive prerogative of women. One of the heroes of this story, zoo volunteer Igor Gladkov from Petrozavodsk, proves that today’s men often become guardians of homeless feral cats.

In the snow, people noticed the cat’s claws and tail moving. Igor helped save this poor cat, it ran through the snow in the middle of the frost, hiding from everyone’s eyes and trying to find food. He posted the cat’s information on the home page “The way home” on social networks.

Young love is a bit wild, but it is clear that the cat is still happy to be brought to the warmth and peace, where there are full bowls of water and food. Igor calls his beautiful daughter Kitty Kitty. Kitty has been examined by a veterinarian. Apart from minor problems, the cat is perfectly healthy.

The cat was quickly disinfected and placed in overexposure at home. The beautiful and affectionate cat soon began to act as if it had never existed in the harsh conditions of the cold outside, it was beginning to get used to living indoors. As they picked him up and stroked the cat, Kitty began to whimper and screaming

A month after the rescue, Kitty was adopted by a kind family. Eventually, the cat arrives at a new home, where the cat changes its name to Musya, but retains its healthy and delicate cat image. Thanks to Igor, Musya lives and does not grieve, but things could be different. This story is like many rescue stories, of course, you can’t save all the feral cats, but it’s always worth a try!

Dien Tran

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