Rescue A Kitten Stuck In A Sewer

This cat has been stuck in the sewer for some time, it can’t know the way out, it tries to scream when it sees someone passing

A group of students often bring him food and water. On a busy street, only this cat lies alone under the sewer.

Every day it looks through the narrow drain to wait for something

This man followed and brought the cat food continuously for 2 months, because the sluice is very narrow, and people can’t pull it up. The local animal welfare association has a rescue plan!

They will block both sides to force the cat to run to the middle of the manhole

Successul cat rescue!

The cat was taken out of the sewer by the rescue team and immediately to the veterinary clinic

After being checked by a doctor, the cat was adopted by a nearby resident, it was the guy who brought it food for the past 2 months, and he promised to take good care of it

Throughout the story, everyone who raises cats is careful, they are very curious and can crawl everywhere, and are difficult to find.

Dien Tran

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