The Feral Cat Was Raised And Got Home After A Few Feedings

Jonathan Ellie is an animal rescue volunteer with the Little Kittens Rescue team, and she cares for feral cats around the house. She fed them and provided the wild cats with a place to sleep.

One day, feral cats appeared in the yard with a small yellow cat, Looks like the big cat is ready to hand over the kitten to a proper caretaker. She slowly approached gently and put food down for them.

The cat is about 6 weeks old and quite shy, unlike other cats.

After that day, this little cat comes back every day for food and walks around the backyard as if it were his playground.Ellie kept her distance from the kitten to make it comfortable, she named the cat Hunter,and was brought into the house and adopted by her.

When brought into the house, Hunter is quite shy and often hides in the corner of the house, but because of food and shelter, Hunter was more comfortable.He was cleaned and dried and Ellie put eye drops on.

After a few times of being pampered and cuddled, the kitten showed his true nature of running around the house and playing, Hunter was very happy to have a new “servant”.

In just a few days, Hunter went from a shy, homeless feral cat to a mischievous, caring, and loving kitty. With the help of Little Kittens Rescue, the cat has reached the house of his dreams Hunter loves Ellie’s siblings and loves playing with them, living his best life.

Dien Tran

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